dado politics

hello yes i am dado. welcome 2 dado politics, not to be confusings with dado politics where dado is giving opinion about the politicals such as joe binders or the trumpet.

dado is here 2 help u with all political need. if u need help with campaign, dado is give u this assistance. if u need help with blackmailings of enemy, dado is offer this assistance as well. dado is havings many good idea for what to do with campaign and politics, such as campaign poster and pill what make politicals opponent turn into eel. all is possible thanks 2 dado political

so if u are wantings 2 have access to fine portfolios of dado politics help, send email 2 dado at dado politics and dado will be answering to u in 5 to 17 business day. however do not send email yet as dado has not set up email. dado associate campaign manager hamster robert mitchell is supposed to be setting up email but dado has sneaking suspicion that robert mitchell is embezzle campaign fund for to purchase hamster boat.

anyway thank u for inquire about dado political helpings. we are currently only accepting amazon prime subscription as payment as venmo is locked out due to faulty face recognizer not working for hamster appearance. this is unfortunate but dado is provide lawsuit for 2 remedy.

thank u,


associate campaigns manager robert mitchell